Dance Instructor

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???? Calling All Dance Enthusiasts! Join the Chengwuji Chinese Dance Association! ????

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the enchanting world of Chinese dance? Look no further! Chengwuji Chinese Dance Association is on the lookout for a talented and enthusiastic Dance Instructor to join our vibrant team. If you have a passion for dance, a flair for teaching, and a commitment to preserving the rich traditions of classical dance from the Han and Tang dynasties, we want you to be a part of our family!

???? Your Adventure Awaits! ????
At Chengwuji, we believe in nurturing talent and offering a fulfilling career path. During your 3-year contract with us, you’ll get to explore various stages of growth::

???? Level 1 – Assistant ????

  • Embrace the dance world by assisting in classes, playing music, and guiding students to perfect their movements.
  • Embark on an educational journey with timely training sessions.
  • Showcase your versatility by assisting with administrative tasks during downtime.

???? Level 2 – Instructor ????

  • Share your dance expertise as you teach engaging lessons following our meticulously crafted syllabus.
  • Empower your students for exams, performances, or competitions, offering valuable feedback and encouragement for their growth.
  • Keep honing your skills with continuous education and training opportunities.
  • Dabble in administrative tasks to keep things running smoothly.

???? Level 3 – Senior Instructor ????

  • Take the lead in imparting knowledge and shaping the future of dance through our thoughtfully designed syllabus.
  • Be a mentor and motivator, guiding students on their artistic journey.
  • Step up your game with comprehensive education and business training.
  • Join forces with the coordination center in organizing exciting events and activities.

???? Level 4 – Head of Instructors ????

  • Show your leadership prowess by assisting and mentoring fellow instructors and senior instructors when needed.
  • Drive progress by providing valuable guidance on syllabus development.
  • Empower your team through insightful training and performance assessments.
  • Innovate and enhance center events and activities to create unforgettable experiences.

???? Desired Qualifications and Perks ????
To be a part of this extraordinary adventure, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Work for 5 enjoyable days a week (Wednesday-Sunday).
  • Fulfill at least one of the following requirements:
  • Possess credentials in early childhood education.
  • Hold a degree or professional certification in dance (preferably Ballet or Chinese Dance).
  • Have extensive experience as a full-time, part-time, or freelance dance instructor with at least ten years of practice in Chinese dance or ballet.
  • Ready to embrace Macau and make it your home for the next 3 years.
  • Fluent in Cantonese to create a seamless connection with our students and community.

???? Perks to Keep You on Your Toes ????
We want to ensure your journey with us is not only enriching but also rewarding. That’s why we offer a range of benefits to make your dance-filled days even brighter:

  • Work-life balance with 5 working days.
  • Accommodation provided in enchanting Macau.
  • Embrace the local culture with all public holidays in Macau.
  • 13 months’ salary to celebrate your dedication.
  • Contract Bonus: RM37,000+ for 3 years, RM69,000+ for 6 years (upon contract completion).
  • Work visa provided for a seamless experience.
  • Instructor allowance to fuel your passion.
  • Attendance allowance to recognize your commitment.
  • Round-trip flight ticket to Malaysia after a year of dedicated service.
  • Increment opportunities based on your stellar work performance.

???? Office Locations: Macau ????

Get ready to create memories, inspire others, and be part of a community that cherishes the beauty of Chinese dance. Join us at Chengwuji Chinese Dance Association, where dance dreams come to life!

Apply now and let your dance adventure begin! ????

Salary : RM 6,500 to RM 10,000